example for nvgraph with matrix market format


I recently came accross nvidia’s graph library (nvgraph). However, I could not make use of it with matrix market formatted matrixes. Examples that come with nvidia toolkit are very limited and simple. I wonder, is there any examples or real open source framework that make use of nvgraph ?

Thanks in advance

I would suggest clarifying what is meant by “make use of it”. Make use of it how, specifically? What have you tried, where did you get stuck? For reference, could you list the real open source framework(s) that you used before you decided to take a look at nvgraph (presumably CPU-only frameworks)? It is not at all clear what you are looking for.

I am sorry for confusing.
I would like to solve sssp using matrix market format. So far, I have tried gunrock (gpu library). It comes with test application that I can see how to use library. I came across nvgraph recently. I was asking, is there any sssp example with nvgraph that uses matrix market format ? If not, I am going to start on my own, I will write if I get stuck.

MM-mormat can be converted to CSC easily.

at first, prepare COO-format as follows:

int source_indices[N];
int destination_indices[N];
float weights[N];

it designate an edge from source_indices[i] to destination_indices[i] has a value weights[i].

then, convert this to CSC using nvgraphConvertTopology()

I’ve wrote small sample to demonstrate convert COO to CSC then calculate pagerank by nvGRAPH. (sorry in Japanese)