Example of nppiSegmentWatershed

Hi there,

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
cuda version: 11.5
opencv version: 4.5.3
NPP libraries: working

Currently I am using watershed in opencv, but it is pretty slow. So I was looking into using the watershed algorithm from Nvidia 2D Image And Signal Performance Primitives (NPP). But when trying to look into it, I just cant wrap my head around how it works, so my question is: ‘Does anybody have a clear example of using nppiSegmentWatershed?’.

I have seen two example’s on github (which are near to similar), I tried to run this code, but it did not return readable images.
If someone can help me, or link another example, that would be great, thanks!

Hi Robert,

I have seen this example and tried to recreate it, but was not succesfull. But what I want to know if there is a simpler example to purely the use of the watershed function (and watershedbuffer). As the example you stated does watershed on 5 .raw images.

Or if anyone has a general tutorial for NPP that would be great!
I searched the entire internet for something but couldn’t find anything.