Example of release.json file for recording tool


I’m trying to test out the recording tool on Xavier platform. It works for one camera, but when I try to add in json file second camera in the same sector a, referring to the default json given with platform and documentation, it doesn’t record anything.

Can you please give some example for 4 cameras in the same sector.

The format used for the px2 doesn’t work, also when we tried to convert it with the rig-converter, it didn’t work.

We used simple recorder, because qt recorder couldn’t detect storage (eSATA), it said: “failed, zero storage!”

If you have any idea what could be the problem, because it should at least see the internal storage.

Thank you!
release_multi_4.txt (6.42 KB)

Dear anja,

Please modify the attached file type from txt to json and refer to the file.
If you have any issue with qt recorder, please use recorder-tui tool instead of qt tool. Thanks.