Examples fail setting Armature values

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the “franka_attractor” example. When I change the value of asset_options.armature in the python file (franka_attractor.py), it is not applied at all (no effect and also in the simulator the Armature value is defined as 0).

Setting armature value seems to only work, when I actually change it in the simulator. Is this a bug?

Hi @hyungjoo237,

That name armature in the asset properties could be a bit misleading now when we also have joint-space armature support in PhysX. It adds the specified value directly to the asset’s links (rigid bodies) diagonal inertia tensor values. They are not saved as joint armature values, but rather as modifiers to inertia tensors. While if you modify individual joints armature values they are stored dof property values and be get or set any time during the simulation.