ExcelBooster for GPU Computing - calculate 1000x faster

My dad’s company has released a new product, ExcelBooster. It’s simply an add-on feature to your Excel program and accelerates GPU computing quickly and accurately. Larger insurance companies, such as Milliman, have already been using it globally but we just let out a public version of the software! My dad is extremely passionate about this product and believes it can help a lot of people, from students to engineers. It converts VBA codes into C++, Microsoft AMP C++, and Nvidia Cuda C++ quickly and easily. Calculations that take two weeks can be completed in just a few hours. Please check it out!

Offering free downloads right now: http://www.excelbooster.com/

Hi, tried using your link to download the excel booster and found that I wasn’t able to down load items that the download wasn’t available. This is something I can really use to help with what I am doing. You can contact me at james2011taylor@gmail.com. I am seriously interested.