Excepting CUDA integrated with Visual Studio 2008

Hi every NVIDIA Gurus.
I think NVIDIA is sure to release a CUDA version supporting Visual Studio 2008 and windows vista. However, I am wondering how long it will be released?
For the visual studio 2008 has added many advanced features to the previous version (Visual studio 2005 - fully CUDA-supporting), and it is really handy to use, my team has a plan to update the VS2008 in a near feature.
In order to check the compability of VS2008 and CUDA, I have tried some experiments. But the result is not so optimizing…
So I am wondering when CUDA SDK will support Visual studio 2008 and/or Windows Vista. Thank you for any reply.

Best regards. :)

Search the forums. David Hoff suggested that a beta of the next CUDA version could be released by the end of March. This version will not support VS2008, it has been said that it is being considered for the next version of CUDA after that.

Thank you very much for your reply,MisterAnderson42.
What is more, I am wondering whether the 9600GT will be supported in the coming CUDA version? 9600GT is very powerful and fit for large-scale deployment for its price. It is said that 9600GT is based on the G94 core, which is the reduced version of G92 core. Maybe it is not difficult to get it working for CUDA.

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