Exception handling


I try to compile a part of the Bayesian optical flow code (from the Cuda Zone). Unfortunately, I have some troubles:


>"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\INCLUDE\xlocinfo", line 77: error: 

>          support for exception handling is disabled

>              throw runtime_error("bad locale name");

Its author says his code works under Linux, so I’m quite :omg:


Definitely works under Linux; just tried it. Add --host-compilation ‘C++’ to your compiler command if you haven’t done so already.

test02_spatialDerivs, from the bayesian optical flow works with this compilation option. :thumbup: (and more important, I understand why)

I am trying for the complete code now…


Finally, I confirm that it is quite strange that the code works fine without any return value in the overloading of the = operator (LinearMemory.hpp, line 109) :angel:

After fixing this issue, it seems good.:thumbsup:
EDIT: a new released has fixed it since my first download :blush: