Exception in nvoglv64.dll after main exits

I get an exception in nvoglv64.dll after main exits. I am trying to use renderdoc to debug my rendering code (not the exception) but I can’t as I get this exception. I don’t know how to use aftermath but all i have is:

#include "nsight/GFSDK_Aftermath_GpuCrashDump.h"
#define ENABLE_DUMP GFSDK_Aftermath_EnableGpuCrashDumps(GFSDK_Aftermath_Version_API, GFSDK_Aftermath_GpuCrashDumpWatchedApiFlags_Vulkan, GFSDK_Aftermath_GpuCrashDumpWatchedApiFlags_None, CrashDumpGPU, CrashDumpShader, CrashDumpDescription, CrashDumpResolve, nullptr);
#define DISABLE_DUMP GFSDK_Aftermath_DisableGpuCrashDumps()

and aftermath doesn’t create any log file and nothing shows up in the vulkan validator.