Exception on glCreateShaderProgramv with GL_NV_mesh_shader and atomic operations on shared variables

I try to use atomic operations on shared memory in a task shader with GL_NV_mesh_shader extension enabled.

My understanding from the Extension GL_NV_mesh_shader description is, that doing this should work. It works in Compute Shaders.

The program won’t compile because there’s an exception thrown from nvoglv64.dll when calling glCreateShaderProgramv with type GL_TASK_SHADER_NV or GL_MESH_SHADER_NV.

Here is a minimal example of such a task shader:

Task Shader Code
#version 450
#extension GL_NV_mesh_shader : require
layout(local_size_x=32) in;

shared uint test;

void main()
  atomicAdd(test, 1u);
  gl_TaskCountNV = 32;

If this is not supported, I think it’s not clear that it is not.
If this should be supported, then it may be a bug.