Exceptional VR Detailing in Composer Omniverse, Yet Dim Lighting Issue Persists

Hello Omniverse Team & Community,

I am thrilled to share my experience transitioning from Create Omniverse to Composer Omniverse, particularly noticing a remarkable performance increase when it comes to the detailing of the VR experience as compared to CreateXR. The team has done an outstanding job, and I am truly grateful for the improvements.

However, I’ve encountered a peculiar issue that I hope to find some guidance on. In Composer Omniverse, the lighting in my scene is perfect, capturing every detail exquisitely. Yet, the moment I engage the VR mode by clicking the VR button, the scene takes a dark turn, literally. The lights dim substantially, making it hard to discern anything in the scene.

The shift is only in the lighting, the details remain crisp and the overall VR performance is smooth, which is a testament to the enhancements made in Composer Omniverse. But the sudden dimness in VR mode remains an important issue I would like to see resolved.

I am reaching out to see if anyone else has faced a similar issue or if there’s a known solution to this dim lighting problem during VR streaming. Your insights and suggestions would be immensely appreciated as I am eager to continue exploring the VR realm with the enhanced performance that Composer Omniverse offers.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Looking forward to engaging discussions and solutions.

Warm regards,

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Thank you for the great feedback ! We really appreciate it. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with VR. I have not experienced that myself, but I can certainly try to test it for myself.

Does the lighting come back to normal after you exit VR mode and come back to Composer ?

Is there a way to capture a video of this ? You can just record your composer, not the actual headset feed.

Hello Richard,

thank you for your reply :)
Yes it does come back after turning off VR mode.
I will try to get you a video tomorrow :)

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Can you try to make sure you are in the “stage” quality preset when you start vr. The option is under the vr extension window. Try Stage and experiment with the other options.

VR View dim lights

There you go :)

Yeah it looks to me like it is automatically turning of secondary light, like either GI or AO. Did you try the “Stage” quality setting ?

The “Stage” quality setting is active :)

@Richard3D on an unrelated note, how does autoexposure in OV affect VR, if at all?

Ok so next try this. Turn off all secondary lighting in the normal mode and try to “match” what you are seeing in the vr mode. Then we at least know what is getting “turned off”. Is this with any scene ? Maybe try the lighting rigs as well.

Did you try the other “modes” like Quality, Performance etc ?

Hello Richard,

Thank you for getting back to me and for the suggestions provided. I have gone through each step meticulously and even took the liberty to use the warehouse demo scene to showcase the challenges, yet the issues seem to persist. The dim lighting in VR mode remains, and an intriguing turn of events occurs with CloudXR by NVIDIA: the scene flips and the camera starting point ventures off into oblivion upon entering VR mode. Interestingly, these peculiar occurrences are absent when I switch to SteamVR.

It strikes me as crucial for NVIDIA to have a dedicated squad with VR gear on hand to delve into, identify, and remedy these quirks. As this issue persists even in NVIDIA’s demo scenes it should be send over to dev team as bug ticket.

I trust these insights will be seen in a constructive light, paving the way for enhancements in the VR realm of Omniverse Composer. It’s a stellar platform, and navigating through it has been an engaging journey.

Thank you once more for your time and the supportive engagement.

Warm regards,


Yes we are looking into this now. I will report back.

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