Excessive FPS drop during audio streaming

Hey there! I did a character transfer with the a2f cc4-Camila tutorial. I get around 70-100 fps in stand-by mode and when playing animations. However, as soon as I play an audio file, the fps drops dramatically to around 12-14. After a continuous audio stream for about 1-2 hours, the fps drops even further to 6-8. I saw that this issue is also occurred in the tutorial, and I can see from comments that other users have experienced the same problem. I’ll attach a short video and the latest a2f log file related to this issue below. I’m looking for suggestions on how to fix or optimize this. Thank you for your attention.
kit_20230507_023902.log (869.6 KB)

Sorry for the late replay @Dolydoll

Can you tell me what’s the fps in the first seconds of audio streaming?
Does the fps drop gradually?
What’s the machine specs you’re using?

Char Transfer is a realtime deformation transfer system which happens every frame of the animation which can be a little heavy if your machine is not strong enough.