Exchanging emmc to sd-card slot on module

Hello, I bought the JetsonNX module but it’s a “production module” so there is emmc instead sd-card slot. I would have a much easier job if I could exchange that to the sd card slot, is that even possible? Can I just desolder emmc ad solder the sd-card port in its place, or are there some other components needed for it to work?


A quick answer first, it is not going to work.

For more detail here.

  1. We do not allow any change on the module itself. You can change the carrier board, customize anything on the carrier board, but changing the module is not allowed.

  2. The software running on Jetson will use the board sku to decide the behavior. For your sku, even after you do some hardware rework and add a sdcard slot on it, the setting will still be the emmc setting. So your sdcard will still not work.

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