Exclude parts of the transform tree being published?

I am looking for a method/workaround to exclude parts of the transform tree being published.
I use the Ros2 Publish Transform Tree node on my articulation root, but it publishes parts of the robot that I don’t want to publish.
In particular, I have a mecanum wheel robot which has wheels with 15 rollers each. This rollers being published somehow lead to crashes in Rviz2. I guess it’s too much data to handle. (Kinda weird that Rviz2 is so laggy). So, I would like to exclude these 4 times 15 rollers from the transform tree.

This topics had the same issue:

However, I can’t understand the answer provided there, as I can’t import my robot somehow by using “merged fix joints” and also the rollers are not fixed, but are rotating.

Any ideas?