Executable file build of the scene created with Create

For the development of our own metaverse platform,
Selecting development tools.
I’m considering Omniverse Create as a candidate.
(Other candidates are Unity and Unreal Engine.)

Created 3D space and actions defined by scripts,
I want to deploy it as an executable application file and let users use it.

Check out the features of Omniverse Create.
Scenes created with Omniverse Create,
With Omniverse Create or any tool that can be connected with Omniverse
Is there any functionality that can be built into an executable (e.g. Windows exe, Android apk).

Also, the executable is
・Available platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.)
・Is it possible to run on a terminal that does not have an NVIDIA GPU?
I want to know

thank you.

Hello @wkWk51303_rs! We do not currently have the ability to export to an exe. Omniverse is a universal platform that integrates development tools, such as Unreal and Unity, into a collaborative environment so that when you use tools, such as Unreal or Unity, the applications communicate with each other seamlessly. Check out our Connector for Unreal Engine. You can download it from the Omniverse Launcher. We are currently working on a Connector for Unity.

I will forward this post over to the dev team as a feature request so that they can work on a way to generate and executable from Create.

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A feature request ticket was generated from this post. OM-66073: Executable file build of the scene created with Create

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Mr. WendyGram

Thank you for your response.
I understand that there is currently no function to build to exe, etc.

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