Executables of installed Toolchain can not be executued - Exec Format erro

I have Orin DevKit with 64gb and installed r35. 5 with jetpack 5.1.3.
I downloaded the bootlin toolchain from the official website

mkdir -p /opt/nvidia/gcc-9.3 && cd /opt/nvidia/gcc-9.3
tar -xzf aarch64–glibc–stable-final.tar.gz
export PATH=/opt/nvidia/gcc-9.3/bin/:$PATH

All bin files are not executable

/opt/nvidia/gcc-9.3/bin/m4 -v
Cannot execute binary: Exec format error

Running bootstrap results in “need gnu m4 1.4 or later”
M4 from Toolchain is 1.4.18

Does Anybody know whats going in here and why i can not use the official Toolchain?

Damn it, i miss understood the Tool and got it now, installing it on a normal Linux Maschine for crosscompiling…

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