Execution/flow control during debugging

I just had a couple of questions regarding execution control in the debugger GUI (the code base is C/C++ but I presume this is language independent).

  • how would I jump to a given line, e.g. as indicated by the cursor ? (i.e. no execution of code between the current program counter/line and the new location)

  • how would I ‘continue to a given point’, e.g. the line under the current cursor position, from the current execution point ?


Hi Tim,

You click on the line in the Event column you want to set breakpoint, it should mark at column with a red dot, then when you click on Run button, it should stop at that line or if you have multiple breakpoints you can click Cont button.

Note that the line numbers must be highlighted in darker color in order to set a break point. I would recommend you compile with -O0 -g to get the line numbers right. If you compile with optimization, the line number might be off a bit.


Thanks Hongyon, i’ll keep the -O0 issue in mind. As far as the continue issue but I was really thinking of a ‘continue to…’ without having to set/unset breakpoints (which can very quickly get to be a pain). This is fairly standard operation on many of the Solaris, HP-UX, Linux & Windows debugger environments i’ve used, so was hoping there’s similar in PGDBG.

Any thoughts on the ‘jump to’ ?


Hi Tim

PGDBG doesn’t currently support the functionality that you are describing. We’ll take your feedback under consideration when planning future releases.