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I have only completed half of the course material of “Accelerating end-to-end data science workflows” and I got the notification that I have exhausted the lab time provided with the course. This is really strange, you shouldn’t ask users to rush for course completion. The course duration was given for 8 hrs, it’s really not enough time to understand all the concepts mentioned in the course. It’s been two weeks since I have written the mail to DLI support team but no response so far. You charge such a high course fee but provide so poor customer support in return. Please extend the lab time so that I can complete the course.

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Hi. We only limit lab time to be sure that everybody has a chance to learn; we’re happy to extend your lab time if you’re not done yet.

If you can share with us your DLI username, we’ll extend your time right away. Here’s how to find it.

  1. Visit your course dashboard: https://courses.nvidia.com/dashboard
  2. Open the menu in the top right, and click the Profile link
  3. Note the last part of the URL. Mine is https://courses.nvidia.com/in/justinb so my username is justinb.

Hope we can get you back into learning quickly!

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Hello @justinb , Thank you for your quick response. My DLI username is podana_94

On it!

I have added more lab time to your enrollment. Let us know if you have any other trouble. All the best!

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@justinb Thank you so much

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