Experience with Asus or Supermicro MOBOs

Wondering if anyone on board has had experience with Asus ROG models or Supermicro A8SAX? As for the latter, are the two x16 slots spaced far enough apart to adequately fit two cards? Sometimes what the manufacturer indicates and reflects in the manual vs. reality are two different things. TIA, V.

I’ve had great results with Asus mobos. My old desktop, now my server has an Asus ROG mobo in it. Running ubuntu I managed to get about 200+ days of uptime on it until I had to move. I have an Asus P6T7 WS Supercomputer mobo for my current desktop. I’m running 2x GTX470’s in SLI under windows, and one dedicated as a compute card under linux.

I can vouche for the ASUS P7P55 WS SC (let’s start a trend), next in line for the WS SC series, coupled with an X3460 and various combos of three GTX 260s, two GTX 470s, GTX 460, GTX 450 and GT 240 in Folding and SLI combos.

If you’re going to fill out the four PCIe-16 slots with double-width cards you’ll want a case with either eight full expansion slots or the recent 7+1 config to allow for the cooler exhaust. In my case, I usually fill the last slot with the single-width GT 240…