Experience with GstCUDA (RidgeRun)?

I’m wondering if anyone has experiencing using RidgeRun’s [b]GstCUDA CUDA /b to apply CUDA operations to frames grabbed by nvcamerasrc? Does it work as advertised? Is it good?

I already have some experience writing my own GStreamer plugins. Would I be able to achieve the same ends by simply inserting my vanilla pipeline element after nvcamerasrc? Or is RidgeRun’s GstCUDA performing some undocumented magic that I would not be able to do myself in a straightforward way?

Thanks much.

Hi logidelic,

Have you contacted with Ridgerun for your issue?

Please provide more details to support@ridgerun.com so they can help you troubleshooting the problem?


Hi Kay,

I appreciate the suggestion, but I think you misread my post. I’m looking for feedback from anyone who has purchased/used GstCUDA from RidgeRun to find out of people have had good success with it.