Experimental ACPI Firmware for Jetson Xavier NX - what's exactly supported?


could you clarify what’s the current status of the experimental UEFI firmware with Xavier NX developer kit?

I understand that:

  1. Cboot is replaced by UEFI.
  2. UEFI has only serial console support as of now.
  3. Can take latest 5.12 kernel (rc6 right now) and apply the PCIe patches (the one that hasn’t been merged yet) to get PCIe working.
  4. Fan is working (may require tweaks in the DTB to be in “quiet” mode)
  5. Boot the system with that kernel along with Ubuntu 20.04 server (or similar)

Now what’s not so clear to me is - there’s a section about using mainline kernel with L4T:

  1. Is there a GPU driver for the mainline kernel available (with X11 support)?
  2. Is the sound and HDMI or DisplayPort already supported?

Basically, can get desktop running with mainline kernel or is it moreless for headless systems as of now?


The PCIe patches are only required if you wish to boot Linux with ACPI. They are not required for booting Linux with device-tree.

The fan control is supported when booting Linux with device-tree. If you boot Linux with ACPI then the fan will remain on constantly.

  1. Currently there is no GPU driver available for Jetson AGX Xavier or Jetson Xavier NX that works with the mainline kernel.
  2. If you are booting Linux with device-tree then sound via HDMI is supported.

The focus has been headless mode. A non-accelerated desktop may work, but at a minimum framebuffer console via HDMI should work.


I see, thank you.