Expert required to create helpdesk

Hi looking to create a walk in platform in the finance sector where people can meet and chat with personal advisors - please advise if you can assist with setting this up

Hello @user134490! I am checking in with the team about your question. I will post here when I have more information. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi! I’d love to get a bit more detail about what you are looking for.

There are two facets of Omniverse that could be of interest, one is our Omniverse Avatars that can be used to create virtual assistants with AI, this could be used to initiate contact, answer some questions and gather additional information for a live agent.

The second aspect of Omniverse that could be of interest is the ability for multiple people to meet up in the same space with high fidelity graphics which could be mixed with the above avatar technology.

Could you provide a bit more detail around how people would log in (web browser, VR headset, kiosk location), and would they interact with live people, virtual assistants (AI) or both?

Hi! Many thanks , looking for assistance or a developer that can build a space in the Metaverse for a walk in bank setting whereby people can be seated and talking with a robot about their bank account and or speaking with someone live about their bank account please

Got it so customers would visit this virtual space to interact with an avatar with escalation to a “live human” for more complex requests. I can connect you with a specialist to investigate further.

Absolutely, thanks so much

please send me your contact info at and I can get you to the right people.