Exponential Integral, Ei function, does this exist in CUDA?

I have a problem that involves exponential integral (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exponential_integral) and am asking if this exists in CUDA? I have not found anything the math library. A quick search on Google isn’t displaying much either as far as CUDA goes. This is not something I need to have calculated on the GPU as it’s just involved in a set of initial conditions, so it’s a one time calculation only, and I can use C++ boost to do it and then pass to the GPU, but I prefer to avoid that if possible. Thanks.

Computation of the exponential integral is not supported by CUDA at this time. You may want to file an enhancement request to have this function added to CUDA through the bug reporting form linked from the registered developer website. If you do so, please prefix the subject line with “RFE:” to mark it as a “request for enhancement” rather than an actual bug. I will also be helpful to give some information on the use case for this function. Out of personal curiosity, what kind of application requires computation of the exponential integral?

For now you could either continue to use your current CPU-based implementation and ship the results to the GPU, or you could port CPU code to CUDA, e.g. by utilizing source code from the well-regarded Cephes library.

The application is for computational phase change. It is part of an analytical solution to a 2D Stefan solidification (freezing) problem. I need the Ei function to set an initial temperature field, and then run the code to see if it matches the analytical solution to make sure my code is simulating all of the physics accurately.

Anyway, I’ve just used Boost for now to do this, and then copied the temperature matrix over to the GPU. Not a big deal. And no time to attempt port right now unfortunately.