EXPORT command is crashing Composer

I have a scene with 534 MB size.
If I try to use the “export”, it is crashing COmposer.

What can I do here? I have already deleted most of the assets from this city street scene.

Is my only option to just delete more?
Would the scene optimizer help me anyhow on this`?
Deleting all materials?

It looks like you have a huge amount of instances for heavy geometry, like bushes and trees. So the USD may only show up at 500mb, but it could be much much bigger on export. I don’t think it’s about deleting more but finding out what in the scene is causing a hang. There may be just one element or one group of elements. First of all what format are you trying to export to ? Second, does an export of any file cause a crash, or is it specifically this file ?
Do you have any special elements in it like paint objects ? Try to delete very heavy elements first.

If you want to “collect” your file and zip it up, and send it over that would be great.

I made rough placeholder objects for the most complex ones in Composer. This way I got the city scene much more lightweight and exporting to USD / OBJ / FBX works ok.


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