Export from USD composer(CREATE) to Create XR with references


When my team exports a .usd file (project) from Create into Create XR, we observe that the references are not exported so we need to manually add them in the Create XR project. This is extremely tedious and time consuming.

Is there a way to automatically do this? Without references these assets do not appear in the Create XR scene.

@mathiasvdbend my past experience was that you can save (not export) the scene with composition arcs (payload/reference) within the Composer .USD and open the .USD back up in Create XR with all the references/payloads intact? could you elaborate on the need to export?

Create and Create XR are very old programs. They are discontinued. We have merged them into one app. USD Composer. Please download and open your project in there. Then turn turn on the XR / VR / AR extensions as you need. No requirement to export to anything.