Export Geo Cash from composer

Is there a way to export a geo cash file from within composer. say for an animated char that i have blended 2 different animations and i want to bake that down into a geo cash file so i can apply a prox deformer to it

never mind.
Stage Recorder (Silly me)

Yes stage recorder should do that fine.

awww it records transform information does not bake build a geo cash for anything
any ideas


Can you clarify what you mean by export a geo cash file ? I am not familar.

i think the feature he’s after is equivalent of point cache system in 3DS Max where vertex animation are recorded and not just the transformation on object level. feel free to confirm/verify if thats the case, @Mayaenite

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You mean where the vertex position is baked into time sampled data per frame, or exported out to a separate external file like a “point-cache” file ?

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You correct. you are absolutely correct.
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yaaaaaa :)

in the omni exporter for maya it would be this option

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Never mind the Stage Recorder Does work
i was using it wrong :)

Glad you got it working !