Export multiple STLs

Is it possible to export multiple STLs from a single gvdb instance? For example, if I have two cubes that are made of different materials (which is specified by different densities in channel 0), can I export all the voxels of a single material type to an STL to be 3D printed?


Please note that GVDB Voxels doesn’t contain any native support for generating STL files. That is, GVDB is not intended as an out-of-the-box solution or application for 3D Printing.

GVDB Voxels provides a set of library functions for developers to work with voxels, which could be used to make STL files programmatically. In this sense, you could resample the volume multiple times and generate as many STL files as you like. You could even write custom functions that sample specific materials, and write out an STL for each one. Anything is possible, keeping in mind that GVDB Voxels is developer oriented.