export PATH in .bash_profile

I’m a bit new at this thing so bear with me. I’m attempting my first CUDA install and I’m having trouble with the part where I have to add to the .bash_profile in SUSE 11.0 and/or 11.1 (two systems). SUSE 11.0 and 11.1 does not have a .bash_profile so do I need to creat one?

you can also do it in .bashrc

In fact, you should do it in .bashrc, because .bash_profile only gets read by bash when it spawned is a login shell (and usually .bash_profile imports .bashrc anyway), whereas .bashrc will get read by any newly spawned interactive shell.

I create a .bash_profile. It works well.

So to create a .bash_profile for OpenSuse 11.1 do you only need the file with the NVIDIA export lines in it?

It can be that simple, yes.