Export Robot Description File does not export collision spheres

With regards to the Lula Robot Description Editor, if I generate the spheres, save the project, close and re-open it, 'Export Robot Description File" generates an empty list for collision_spheres in the .yaml file

Only the collision spheres that I added in the current session appear in that list. However, all collision spheres appear in the Stage tree

I am using isaac-sim 2023.1.0

@stefanos.charalambous You are right that is the case. The intention is that all your sphere editing takes place in one go while the extension is open. It has some internal state that is managing only the spheres that were created in the current session. If you want to save your work and come back later, you can use the export button and then later import the generated yaml file.

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There seems to be a bug though because even without saving sometimes 0 or only a few spheres are exported

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you saying that within one session where you open an Articulation, press PLAY, and make spheres, that the export fails at the end? That is the intended use-case for this extension. You are not intended to save the USD asset with spheres in it and use it later.

Sorry I was not clear in my previous message. I mean that even without saving at all, the export will only export a few of the spheres. I have found the reason to be that exporting does not work for spheres that were created using ‘Duplicate’