Export uncompressed dds textures (L8)


Is there an option to export dds textures without compression using the texture tools plugin for Adobe Photoshop? More specifically I was missing L8 format support.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @RemusSirion! You can find the uncompressed formats in the list of formats after ETC1S. Here’s L8:

Two quick notes on the L8 format is that the Exporter currently tries to match two quirks in what the legacy version did. This is for artists hoping to get results that are bit-exactly the same between the legacy and current versions:

  • It saves data to the red channel of the DDS file, without setting the DDPF_LUMINANCE flag. Some readers read this as a red texture and others read it as a grayscale texture; if it displays as one when you intended the other, try checking the “DDS: Use DXT10 Header” checkbox, which will make the Exporter use a different header format which some readers treat differently. In the worst-case scenario, you can change “Image Type” to “Grayscale” and then save using the 8.8.8 BGR or BGRA or BGRX formats.
  • It applies the Rec. 601 luma weights to sRGB colors instead of the more accurate approach of applying Rec. 709 coefficients to linear RGB colors! So, don’t use this as a way to visualize luminance in artwork, for instance. Changing “Image Type” to “Grayscale” will use the more accurate Rec. 709 + linear RGB formula.

For the L8 format specifically, you might have to try enabling the “DDS: Use DXT10 Header” option if the default settings produce a red image.

Hope this helps!