Export usd with nodes generated through python

does anyone know how to export a usd with sdg pipelines and orchestrators etc that were generated from scripts? Saving the usd as flattened exports the nodes, but their settings are not persistent. I can clearly see that the camera topics are published when using the script to run everything, but if I save the ‘generated’ usd and open it in a new Isaac Sim instance, the nodes and actiongraphs are there but nothing is being published.

Further checking the actiongraph nodes they are all 0 / default when running the simulation while in the usd created through python all the scripts are alive.


For better visibility, I am moving your topic to the Isaac Sim category.


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Thanks for moving it, hope to shine some light on this soon as its blocking us a bit.

Hi there, could you provide some details regarding the published camera topics? Would these be ROS topics? Since these would then be different than the replicator SDG graph nodes.