Export Wrnch mocap to Blender for cleanup and editing


Maybe this question is solved elsewhere, but I didn’t find it.

I’ve been testing Wrnch mocap quite successfully, using different CC characters. Results are pretty good, but some cleanup and editing is needed, same as any other capture system.

I’ve tried to open both project and mocap takes in Blender 3.0 alpha with connector activated but only static data is displayed. I have also tried opening in Create and export it from there, with no success.

How can I do this? Am I missing something?

Thank you

Hi! I am Pekka, just another Machinima user.
Sorry I have not reached that same point since I have been waiting for the wrnch decision about my educational license… My trial days are over now…

I thought for a while your problem, and I maybe it is about some settings of blender exporter.
Have you tried exporting these to blender:

If those go through to blender, then we can say that there is something missing in the pipeline with wrnch motions…

I sure hope I can catch up you soon and help better!


I have traed both opening USD in Blender and exporting FBX from Creator. No success.

I think it’s important, because even as good as Wrnch is for markerless mocap it’s not perfect. Nothing is. And all mocap systems need more or less cleanup, keyframe removal or smoothing, jitter removal, corrections on mesh penetration, addition of other layers of movement, etc.

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Hello @casadeasterion! I informed the devs about your post. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @casadeasterion. Thanks for reporting this. Would it be possible for you to provide a small USD or USDA that exhibits the problem loading into Blender, so I can debug the issue? Thanks!

Sure! The machinima project is Ramon_traje.usd. The mocap itself is Prueba_toma_1_2.usd.

I´ve used a CC3 character (following instructions from another post in this forum)

Prueba_toma_1_2.usd (1.6 MB)
Ramon_traje.usd (17.8 KB)

Thanks for the example files, @casadeasterion. These USDs contain skeletal animation, which the Blender USD importer doesn’t yet support. We’re currently working on adding the skeletal animation import feature.

Thank you very much, I’ll wait.
Until then, is Maya able to import that skeletal animation?

Hi @makowalski , sorry for jumping in. Is it possible for Machinima to export a sequence as a single"animation" USD so that it can be used directly in create or IsaacSim (especially the latter)? I’ve create a world with two characters and an animation sequence for both of them, and saved the USD but only the standard animation plays in Create and not the whole sequence.

Hi @casadeasterion. Yes, in general, Maya can import skeletal animations from USD.

Hi @eliabntt94. I’ve forwarded your question to the Machinima development team.

Thank you, I will try it. Still, I prefer Blender

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