Exporting a Deepstream buffer via DMA_FD

Hey guys,
I am currently running Deepstream 6.3 in an A4000 GPU.

I currently need to use the DMA_FD from an NVMM buffer out of an nvvideoconvert.

Looking at the available documentation, I see that it should be possible to reinterpret_cast a GstBuffer into an NvBufSurface, and I was wondering how to get the DMA_FD from the NvBufSurface.
I also see that I can create an EGL_Image from the NvBufSurface and get the fd from that, however I was wondering if there was a more direct and simple way to do it.

If anyone could point in the right direction or to some relevant documentation I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time,

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