Exporting curves to Omniverse

When I export curves using the connector, I get prim types like NurbsCurves in Omniverse. Those curves look strange:

The curves that I work with in Omniverse (for example with AnimGraph) are "BasisCurves"prim types.

Can the connector create BasisCurves in the USD output? If not, how can I work with the export result in Omniverse?


Sorry, BasisCurves is not supported yet. We will consider how to support it in future releases.

It seems to me that, while not supporting BasisCurves, it exports “something” called NurbsCurves. This does not seem to be a standard USD prim type, so I would be interested to know what is the purpose of this.

And also, what part of the curve definition it actually contains. Perhaps it is something I can work with when coding in Python.

Hi Bruno,
Those are UsdGeomNurbsCurves, while the BasicCurves you create directly in Kit are UsdGeomBasisCurves

Thanks Teresa, that helps.

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