Exporting from CC4 to USD issues

Hi! I’m following the Edy Susanto Lim workflow to import CC4 character to A2F. When I’m exporting Camilla to USD there’s no Cavity.usd generated.

I’m using a trial version of CC4 4.11.1015.1 and latest connector.

Is it no longer required for this method or it’s a trial limitation?

Hello @nicksushkevich! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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The further I follow this video workflow, more confusing mismatches found. My guess it’s already outdated with changes in connectors and UI.

This might be issue of not having Cavity.usd after exporting from CC4

I know this does not help you right now, but I just tested this export and it works ok in my setup:

Everything are the latest version.
GPU A6000 (not ada) driver ver 528.49

About Cavity.usd, I think Edy who knows best these things in Nvidia, said that the cavity is now included in the a2f USD, I open that in the above video.

@WendyGram can you please ask Edy to help @nicksushkevich here?