Exporting point cloud to .ply with semantic labels

I have followed Example 2 of the “Point Cloud” section within “Annotators Information” documentation in order to export a .ply file of a scene using Open3D. I had no issue retrieving the points and exporting the file, but I would like to include semantic labels (the object class each point belongs to, in other words), but have been unable to do it so far. Any help concerning this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @p.faustino , it looks like open3d does not support adding semantic infos to each point. Maybe you can try other library that supports writing semantic data out to a ply file?

Hi @jiehanw thank you for your answer. I was eventually able to achieve what I wanted to do by associating semantic information from the point cloud annotator to an RGB color and passing it to open3d as point colors. Maybe not the best approach but it suffices to have labeled point cloud data.