Exposure compensation not turing off

I am trying to turn of exposure compensation by setting the exposure compensation value to 0, But the exposure of the image is changing depending upon the scene, I am not changing the exposure of sensor but still it affects the image.

I want to stop the exposure compensation, Is there a way to stop the exposure compensation, I don’t want to use the AElock since I am using the CID functions to control my light source.

Suppose you are misunderstand the exposure compensation functionality.
The exposure control(AE) won’t disable by set exposure compensation to 0

Hi @ShaneCCC ,
Thank you for Clarifying, Is there a way to disable exposure control(AE) without AE lock.
I want to use the return value from AE to control a light source but I don’t want the AE to apply on the image.

Do you want to control exposure manually?
Have a reference to the argus_camera UI to set the exposure range to what you want.

Hi @ShaneCCC ,
I don’t want to change the exposure, I want to keep the exposure the same.

I want the below function to be called so that I can use the variable “s64 val” to control external light for the camera, at the same time the exposure compensation should not be applied to the image.

static int ov5693_set_exposure(struct tegracam_device *tc_dev, s64 val);

Using setExposureTimeRange() like below will call the ov5693_set_exposure() to set exposure to 5000us

setExposureTimeRange(5000, 5000)
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