ExpressionApp Blendshape Generation - Field of view parameter is not working - FOV

Hello dear NVIDIA Maxine team,
our team has been testing the ExpressionApp for Blendshape generation and we are trying to tweak the settings to get the best results possible.

We’ve found, that the command line argument --fov= is not passing anything towards the sample application. Is there any way to activate / trigger that setting? By default it is set to 0 degrees, which implies a camera positioned infinitely far away with an infinite zoom towards the character. Since webcams typically have a field of view of 70-120 degrees, we assume, that the default setting of 0 degrees might distort the resulting mesh heavily and thus might have a big impact on the resulting blendshape prediction.

Would be great if you can tell us more about how fov works and how to activate it. We could not find much about it in the SDK System Guide

Greetings and thank you very much for your great work on this awesome project!