Exsist software video editing for ARM cpu ubuntu for AGX xavier and more?

exsist software video editing for ARM cpu ubuntu for AGX xavier and more?

Dear @ricky89,
Could you confirm if the used platform is DRIVE AGX platform?

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Did I make a wrong post?
I wanted to know if there are any video editing software and applications for this awesome computer.

This forum is for developers in NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program. We will need you to use your account with corporate or university email address. Thanks.

Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. Hi there! Several video editing software options are available for ARM CPUs running Ubuntu, including OpenShot, Kdenlive, and Shotcut. These programs are compatible with the AGX Xavier and other ARM-based systems. However, it’s essential to ensure your specific hardware meets the system requirements for each software before installing it. I suggest getting a video editing service subscription. It can save you time and give a better result.

Just wanna add that a good option could be to use cloud-based solutions if you’re facing compatibility issues. These won’t be ARM-specific but can still run in your browser, bypassing some of the CPU-specific challenges.

I know it’s been a couple of years since you posted this query, but if you’re still searching or for anyone else with the same question, there are limited options for ARM architecture compared to x86, but they do exist.

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