Extend Jetson AGX orin 64Gb

I wanted to extend the screen of agx orin into two screens. I want to display one application on 1st. screen and another. application. on 2nd screen. I’m wondering if the extender given in the link will work with Jetson. AGX orin : https://www.amazon.in/Orei-SplitExtend-Splitter-Extender-Extended/dp/B0C3PFQZ4G

Thank you.

I’m pretty sure (not 100%) that USB-C video won’t work. I don’t think the driver supports this, and since it is an integrated GPU (iGPU) and not a discrete GPU (dGPU), you cannot simply add a new driver.

Thank you @linuxdev for the response. We are AI based surveillance company so we need to connect multi monitors setup for surveillance. Is there any way which we can use?

Depending on carrier board and module (I don’t know specifically about the older Nano) there can be a DisplayPort and HDMI on some of them. I don’t think there would be support for more than two monitors, although I suppose there might be some third party carrier board capable of this with the newer modules (plain Nano is quite old, Orin Nano is quite new; the AGX Orin has more features…I wouldn’t know which one to look at).

Although the AGX models have a PCIe slot, there have been issues with trying to put a discrete GPU in that slot since it can interfere with the integrated GPU driver. I know it was considered to try and add compatibility for adding a PCIe discrete GPU, but I’ve not heard of this actually succeeding yet. If this were to work, then it would probably not be until the next JetPack/L4T release in late November (and this in turn would be only for Orin, neither Xavier nor anything earlier would work with that).

Someone from NVIDIA might be able to suggest if there is any method to add more than two monitors. My only suggestion is to use a model with both DisplayPort and HDMI for a pair of monitors.

Incidentally, one could run a virtual desktop on the Jetson, and use ethernet to display a GUI on other computers. This would only be fast enough on a directly connected LAN.

I tried using virtual desktop methods like rdp and vnc but they are also not working. I’m not able to connect to AGX orin (all orin series) via another computers whereas I’m able to connect to jetson nano(old one) and jetson xavier nx.

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