Extend the storage of Drive PX2


I am working on the Drive PX2 and I find that the storage is only 40GB left. How can I add a SSD on Drive PX2 to extend the storage? I can’t find the SATA interface on the Drive PX2 board.

Thanks very much.

The model is Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur

Dear xingzhou,

Drive PX2 AutoChauffeur has no SATA port.
So for additional storage, please use USB port or etherport(for NAS).
Could you refer to “High Through Recording” in DriveWorks SDK Referece -> Tutorial -> Recording Sensor Data -> High Through Recording in DriveWorks doc? Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it. But I cannot find the Tutorial and Recording SensorData in the DriveWorks SDK Reference. Cloud you send a link to me?

Thanks a lot!



Dear xingzhou,

Please refer to below link in DPX2 or HostPC.
/usr/local/driveworks-1.2/doc/nvdwx_html/dwx_camera_calibration.html Thanks.


Does NVIDIA have any recommended vendors for etherport storage for the DPX2? I am looking to scale up to potentially 3 LIDARS, 5 cameras, and a couple RADARS. According to my calculations, the USB 3.0 will not be able to support this setup.