Extended command of Imagetnet-console does not work

Tried to load custom Models on Tx2 but imagenet-console did not use extended command line parameters.
Still loaded googlenet.caffemodel and got the same classified result.

Here are some steps I did.
Is there I missed?

  1. retained a ILSVRC12-subset on DIGITS by followed Re-training the Network of two days to a demo.
  2. Tested a robin image on DIGITS and got 100% bird.
  3. Downloading Model snapshot to Jetson.
  4. run the imagenet-console with extended parameter.
  5. result was a 99% Robin still.

Thank you for any suggestions.


Please check this section:



Thanks for your prompt reply.

After I re-installed jetson-inference, imagenet-console did use extended command.
And got the expected result.