Extension: Embedded VS Code for NVIDIA Omniverse

Dear community,

In the same line as Extension: Embedded Jupyter Notebook for NVIDIA Omniverse is the current one, this time for VS Code…

This extension can be described as the VS Code version of Omniverse’s Script Editor. It allows to execute python code, embedded in the current NVIDIA Omniverse application scope, from the VS Code editor and displays the results in the OUTPUT panel (under Embedded VS Code for NVIDIA Omniverse) of the VS Code editor

Target applications: Any NVIDIA Omniverse app
Supported OS: Windows and Linux

Check the README for setup, usage, implementation details, and limitations

I’ll try it out today. You should update this post with the link to the repo. ;)

Upss, Already edited 😅

Testing this at the moment. Working flawlessly and seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Nice work and thanks a lot!

Yup! This is really great. One comment:

  1. carb logging doesn’t show up in the VSCode. I’m not bothered by it, but maybe more important for someone running remotely or headless. Then again, maybe carb logging is overkill for these REPL-type workflows.


  1. Are you open to having other contributors?
  2. If so, what do you think about including the VSCode extension source in this repo too to keep it all in one place and so others can contribute to both parts easily?

Hi @mati-nvidia

Following your comment, I updated the extension to show carb loggings in the VS Code “Embedded VS Code for NVIDIA Omniverse (carb logging)” output panel. Regarding this feature, there is a limitation:

  • Carb log displaying is only available from Python calls. Logs generated by NVIDIA Omniverse applications/extensions implemented with another programming language (e.g. C/C++) are not displayed in the output panel

Yes, all my public code on GitHub is open to contributors :) …
Then, and following your advice, now both extensions the one for Omniverse and the one for VS Code are in the same place (the repository indicated in the initial post on this topic).

Many thanks for the feedback