Extension enable flag is based on wrong value

Nsight: 2022.2.1
API: Vulkan 1.3
Card: GTX 1080 Ti

In “API Inspector” > “Misc” > “Device”: If an extension like “synchronization2” is enabled by setting the appropriate flags in VkPhysicalDeviceVulkan13Features, but the name of the feature is not added to VkDeviceCreateInfo::ppEnabledExtensionNames, then the extension won’t be shown as checked in the Nsight section. That flag should not be based on whether the extension is enabled via VkDeviceCreateInfo::ppEnabledExtensionNames, because that feature is core in Vulkan 1.3. Instead, the checkmark should be based on whether the extension is enabled based by bool VkPhysicalDeviceVulkan13Features::synchronization2, where that struct exist in the pNext chain of VkDeviceCreateInfo::pNext.

The same thing for the 1.2 feature of VK_KHR_imageless_framebuffer.


Thank you for using Nsight Graphics. I’m sorry you ran into this issue. I will create a bug for the Nsight Graphics team to investigate this issue.