Extension search path with space does not get passed to python interpreter in Visual Studio Code

Set Extension Search Path to c:/users/sstudly/documents/omniverse/code projects/kit-extensions-template/exts
Able to see extensions stored at this location, however if you run a .bat or .sh file that call python the path is passed as c:/users/sstudly/documents/code projects/project1/test.bat and you get the following error:
can’t open file ‘C:\Users\sstudly\documents\omniverse\code’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Is there a way to pass the path to python with the necessary double quotes?

Hi @jaalfs. I tried it out and it’s working for me for the most part. I did have issues with link_app.bat. omni.app.python.bat worked fine, for example. Do you have an example of a specific batch file showing this issue?

That was the example I was having trouble with, link_app.bat.

Cool. Thanks for report this. I’ve opened OM-60989 to track the issue. Try to avoid paths with spaces for now. :)