External emmc of 128GB attached to jetson Tx2

I am attaching external emmc of 128 GB to jetson tx2 device.
i am able to detect these emmc as mmcblk2 device during kernel boot.

I want to do partition of these external emmc during flashing of board same as we are doing it for internal emmc.

is it possible to do that,any help will be appreciated.


Do you want to boot the rootfs from external emmc (built-in emmc is still needed) or even the whole device is using the external emmc to boot up(built-in emmc is not needed)?

actually i will use this external emmc for storage of logs and data not for booting the device.
so i want to make 2 partiotion on these external emmc during boot.

will these emmc be visible at uboot?

Emmc should be visible by uboot.

what will be command to see external emmc at uboot


  1. If you read the uboot log from uart and you shall see uboot is scanning mmc0 and mmc1. These two represent the old the extra emmc.

  2. I don’t think bootloader will know there are 2 extra partitions on this new emmc. Please check the cboot and uboot source code and see if you can get what you want.

Hi, can you confirm if external eMMC is supported? Other replies have said external emmc is not supported with TX2.

This is not verified on our side. So we don’t guarantee it.