External Extensions: OpenXR compact binding for creating extended reality applications

Hi @gubor22

Regarding to the extension error (AttributeError: 'omni.kit.viewport_legacy._viewport_legacy.IViewpor' object has no attribute 'render_product_path') I have not found the time to update the extension for Kit 104 (where there are important changes with respect to the viewport).

Could you please try the next snippet that just skip the rendering to the HMD?

# setup cameras and viewports and prepare rendering using the internal callback
# xr.set_meters_per_unit(meters_per_unit)
# xr.setup_stereo_view()
# xr.set_frame_transformations(flip=0)
# xr.set_stereo_rectification(y=0.05)

def render_callback(num_views, views, configuration_views):


Btw, Omniverse XR (using CloudXR integration) is not workable for you?

Hi, could you tell whats the lastest Isaac Sim version OpenXR Extension Support?
I am using 2023.1.0-hotfix and it turns out to be many losses of dependencies.
So i am considering using an old release version while as new as possible.
thk u.