External Extensions : ROS2 Bridge


I am trying to run ROS2 navigation tutorial.
I’ve already run ROS1 navigation tutorial successfully.

I couldn’t run ROS2 navigation tutorial.
I followed the instructions below.

  1. Enabled the omni.isaac.ros2_bridge extension from the extension manager menu Windows->Extensions.
  2. Go to Isaac Examples → ROS → Navigation to load the warehouse scenario.
  3. Press Play to begin simulation.

It doesn’t seem to publish ros2 topics.
ros2 topic list prints only these two topics.

In ROS1 navigation tutorial, rostopic list prints

I think different ROS_DOMAIN_ID makes this problem.
I wonder what ROS_DOMAIN_ID used in ros2_bridge.

Is there any way to change ROS_DOMAIN_ID?
I’ve already tried to set env variable in terminal before running isaac-sim. (e.g. export ROS_DOMAIN_ID=101)
But it didn’t work as I expected.

Thanks in advance.

I found out that this problem exists in isaac-sim docker.
When I use isaac-sim appImage, it works as I expected.

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