External GPIO Configurations? Making More GPIO Available?

There are already 6 GPIOs available in a connector for external use. I don’t have need of camera, LVDS, so on, but I do need more GPIO. So I’m wondering, can some of these other header pins be used as GPIO if giving up camera options?

My needs:
8 Bidirectional GPIO
3 Input GPIO
1 Output GPIO

Also, if some of these can be configured as GPIO, would they all be the same 1.8V?

Yes, you can.

You can do low level register access and manually set the register to whatever output.
Which you can either create your own kernel driver for or create an UIO profile for it.

The voltage levels for each pin are specified in the Jetson FAQ and in the schematic.

The address map are located in the technical manual.

If you want something easier to just to get it to work.
Alternatively, there are USB 8+ GPIO devices which are significantly easier to play with


I dont know where to start. We have an application which we want to control each frame of 60fps video by triggering the GPU to put wanted frame in to the screen. I dont know this triggering process can be done by software but also I want which GPU is capable of handle such process.

You can use GStreamer to decode the video and then OpenGL to render the frame to the display. The details depend on your exact goals.