External hdmi monitor not detected - GTX 1650

Hi NVidia team,

(please forgive me if I’m opening the discussion in the wrong place. I’m very confused with this forum)

I just bought a new laptop with a GTX 1650 board. It’s all working fine on the native screen. But when I connect an additional monitor, it does not recognize it. At first it could show my mouse but the background kept black and my apps wouldn’t show no matter what I do. Now I performed some changes after going over the forums related to changing gdm3 and lightdm. Now it doesn’t recognize the monitor anymore.

Here is the bug report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MxfmJwqG15C2ML5_LFg43FmWVf3kVSz-/view?usp=sharing
The output of xrandr is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YEfypZmqpe2CQO_nWOsh8yUK-v6NvRDm/view?usp=sharing

I have already researched the forum here and tried a bunch of stuff but none worked.
Thank you in advance.

Hi NVidia team!

Problem solved here! Cheers!

Here’s what I’ve done:
1 - Reinstalled Ubuntu 20 (latest version) removing all previous existing files.
2 - During reinstall, allowed to download third-party drivers and set a password for some configuration I don’t remember the name
3 - On first boot, a blue + gray screen appeared and instead of just continuing (like I have done before) I went to the second option (configure MOK - something like that) and added the password I set during installation time. Also configured it to use the only available option, and then rebooted.
4 - Everything was magically working

Notes: Appropriate NVidia drivers are in user.

I hope it helps other people with the same issue.