External monitor freezes in LMDE 6

I have a laptop MSI Crosshair 15 C12V, with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060. Originally I installed an Kubuntu 23.04 as OS and after a month working without problems the external monitor freezes ramdomly every few minutes.
Then I used the 525.x version of Nvidia drivers and tryed too the 535.x version, with same results.
Since a couple of weeks I replace Kubuntu with LMDE6 in a clean installation and installed the nvidia drivers by default for LMDE, 525.125.06.
For a day all seems to work fine, but finally the external monitor freezing returns.
If I reconnect the external monitor after freezes it works for some minutes, but allways freezes again.
In Windows it doesn’t happens.

What can I do?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (689.5 KB)

It seems a lot of us have this issue :(

I think it is a better solution than physically reconnecting the monitor.
I’ll try. Thanks.
Maybe there will be a final solution soon…